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“Adventure World “Abyss Rollercoaster”

Client Adventure World
Year 2013
Value $7M
Our Role Project Manager

In mid-2012 Adventure World (WA’s largest privately owned theme park) engaged IPS in the role of Project Manager to oversee the procurement of the main station house building and footings for their new roller coaster ride –“Abyss.”  Abyss is the single largest investment at Adventure World since it launched in 1982 and features a unique 10 storey high vertical lift, a more than 100 foot vertical drop, giant G-Force turns and head spinning twists.

The station house building was designed and constructed by Perkins Builders in unison with Oldfield Knott Architects and includes unique ride theming created by Adventure World to accentuate the old world Druid theme. Additional works included in the contract are a photo kiosk, new park ablution block and all of the foundations that support the rollercoaster.

The custom built rollercoaster includes four inversions through daylight and a secret dark ride section in the Station House as well as a zero-g-roll, rollover loop, cobra roll and inline loop all offering a hair raising journey over 630 metres. Riders experience turns, drops and disorienting twists while they travel in the open air and in the dark.

German rollercoaster specialist “Gerstlauer” – designed, manufactured, supplied and installed the rollercoaster in parallel with the completion of the Station House building (by Perkins). The coordination of these works was successfully managed between Adventure World, IPS, Perkins and Gerstlauer without incident. 99% of all rollercoaster foundations were perfectly aligned with the roller coaster structure despite both foundations and coaster being manufactured on opposite sides of the planet before being brought together on site.

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