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Byford Village Shopping Centre

ClientByford Village Shopping Centre
Coles Group Property Developments Pty Ltd

2015 – 2017


Our Role
Project Managers and Superintendent

Coles Group Property Developments appointed Insight Project Services to manage the design and construction of both the subdivision and the new Byford Village Shopping Centre located in the new Byford Town Centre, 40km Southwest of Perth.

The subdivision and siteworks will be carried out in two phases, and intended to separate neighbouring developer interests over two super lots, and secondly further subdivide the lot into four smaller lots.

The first stage of the development proposed 6,282m2 of retail floor space including a 4,020m2 Coles Supermarket, 200m2 Liquor Land, 300m2 Medical Centre, 350m2 Gym, 380m2 restaurants/Cafes and 1,027m2 of Specialty Retail.