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Campus Perth (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) & Hostel Perth

Location 80 Stirling StreetCampus Perth

Client Devwest & Gaw Capital

Year 2017 – 2019

Value $55M

The Project
The new use for the building is to be Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA). This is to be achieved by converting the existing building, removing the existing roof top plant levels and adding 4 new levels that are to be constructed in a lightweight material.

We view the building as having two parts:

1. The existing building being converted to accommodate c. 525-530 beds for PBSA and 278 Hostel beds with two distinct entrances;

2. The second consists of the 4 level roof extension which provides accommodation for an additional 465+ PBSA beds;

The design will provide flexibility in a number of ways:

  • to alter and amend room types depending on their success when the building is open and being occupied. Changes to rooms types would be made during student holiday periods; This interchangeability principally surrounds “twodios” & “campus 4’s”
  • the ability to build the additional new build levels incrementally over a period of time depending on demand;

The above flexibility therefore demands an innovative approach by the design team from the outset and ultimately the preferred contractor so that this is designed into the scheme from inception. When tendering for consultant services we will pay particular regard to how each discipline engages with us to create this flexibility in design.

For example – Should one or other of the room types prove to be more popular we require the foresight to instantly be able to remove walls etc with minimal upheaval and change the mix accordingly.

The roof design will be configured in such a way that alfresco and BBQ outdoor activities should allow for prime views over the city and the western sunset.

Hostel – Perth

The second proposed use for the building is a Hostel.

The branding and approach to the Hostel component will be new to Perth and something that is mainly seen in other parts of the world.

Much like the “Generate” brand of Hostels in Europe “Hostel Perth” – the first trendy hostel in Perth will work harmoniously with the PBSA. This will have a completely different feel to the more traditional backpacker offering in Perth.

It will have its own branding, arrival point, entrance foyer etc. For the “look and feel”.  The current bed count on the Hostel component stands at 278 beds. The final number will be confirmed in the planning preparation stage.

IPS will lead this project from its inception starting with the procurement of the consultants and ECI contractor through delivery and finally to the marketing and student intake for the 2019 school year.