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Insight Project Services’ approach is to deliver projects through a combination of smart thinking and expedient action. Five key factors underpin the reasons why we are best placed to lead a project, whatever its size and complexity.

Our Experience
Team members have delivered projects for some of Western Australia’s biggest clients, and continue to do so. These include the Fiona Stanley Hospital, IKEA Superstore, Mandurah Shopping Centre, Woolworths Perth RDC, Jason Windows, Albany Health Campus, AMP Tower refurbishment, RAC fitout and relocation, QEII Central Energy Plant, Wickham Accommodation Expansion, Woodside Tower Fitout, Midland Health Campus, Forrest Hall Stage 1, Ocean Keys Shopping Centre, Oceaneering Facility and Ronald McDonald House.

Our Expertise
We have Development Management, Project Management, Construction Procurement, Construction Management, Design Management and Project Administration expertise across a select range of industry sectors, with our team collectively delivering many billions of dollars’ worth of projects, utilising various methods of delivery within operational environments. We are able to advise clients on the best way to deliver their project based on demonstrated experience.

Our Commitment
We assemble an experienced robust team with significant committed time and resources for each project, allowing us to take the lead in determining and resolving the many complex issues associated with that project.

Our Understanding

  • We understand the time, cost and reporting pressures involved in the delivery of complex projects.
  • We understand the need for detailed consultation with affected stakeholders.
  • We understand the commercial, legal and reputational risks for all stakeholders associated with a major project.
  • We understand the critical commercial and design pressure points that must be achieved to deliver financial viability and the best possible outcomes.

Our Team Approach
Insight Project Services is committed to a teamwork approach to the management of every project. A critical function of the Project Manager is to facilitate and integrate the contributions of all stakeholders and project team members. Dogma and rhetoric play no part in our approach; instead it is based on effective and positive dialogue.

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