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Forrest Hall Stage 1

Client The University of Western AustraliaForrest Hall

Year Aug 2015 – June 2018

Value $30M

Our Role Project Manager and Superintendent

The Project

The University of Western Australia (UWA) engaged Insight Project Services (Insight) to oversee and project manage the design and construction of the new Forrest Hall on a site bounded by Mounts Bay Road and Hackett Drive in Crawley.

Kerry Hill Architects has designed the development, which provides accommodation for scholars and rising research stars attending Western Australian universities on Forrest Research Foundation Scholarships. The development includes 33 self-contained living units ranging from
1 bed, 1 bed accessible to 2 bed and 2 bed accessible units, multi-purpose spaces, library/resource area, office accommodation, student lounge, ancillary support areas, landscaped external cloister, walled private gardens and under croft car parking.

The project required close coordination and liaison with UWA and the Forrest Foundation and delivered an outstanding outcome for the site and Forrest Scholars.

Curtin University “Alternative Energy Study”

ClientCurtin University Alternative Energy Study
Curtin University



Our Role
Project Manager and Business Case Manager

The Study Curtin University’s existing Campus has a growing electrical and mechanical energy demand which is unabating. The University reviewed its options for addressing the growing chilled water demand of the campus and out of that work chose to explore the available options for using renewable energy technologies to reduce their cost of energy, carbon footprint and potentially leverage off the project for research and teaching opportunities throughout all phases of the project.

IPS were successful in being appointed as Project Manager and Business Case Manager for the project in late December 2012 and immediately commenced stakeholder engagement, strategic briefing with the client, options analysis and procuring a consultant team.

Ultimately IPS delivered a detailed Business Case to the Client that demonstrated the various suitable forms of alternative energy generation for the site where not viable at that point in time based on the maturity of the technology in the market or the economic conditions of the time.