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Ronald McDonald House Opening

On Friday 4 December, IPS and the Ronald McDonald House Project Team joined CEO Peter King, Patron Adam Gilchrist, campaign contributors and dignitaries to celebrate the official opening of the new Ronald McDonald House.

The event was a great success, and all present were not only impressed with the facilities offered by the House, but also the quality of construction delivered by the builder.

The project is a testament to what can be achieved through partnering and collaboration between client, builder and consultant team and it was a pleasure for IPS to have been involved.

Designed by architect Gerry Kho, the new Ronald McDonald House is located on the QEII Medical Centre campus, close to the new Children’s Hospital. The new House will provide increased capacity to accommodate regional and rural families of sick children to approximately 1000 families each year. Since 1990, RMH Perth has been home to more than 3500 regional families.

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