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Cameron is an experienced Project Manager with diverse expertise in commercial, retail, residential, civic, health, industrial and infrastructure project management and services oriented projects. Cameron’s strengths lie in his attention to services design detail, which is an uncommon trait amongst project managers. Cameron has developed skills in multidisciplinary design coordination, complex stakeholder management, high technology building infrastructure development, construction superintendence and administration and post completion project management. Cameron’s skills have been applied over more than 20 years in fields as broad as power generation, bulk materials handling, high rise and hospital building services management and complex building project management for a range of public and private sector clients. Stakeholder workshops, technical group workshops and value and risk assessment workshops are familiar tasks to Cameron and he has often led teams of consultants, clients and stakeholders through these processes. He has a well-developed understanding and knowledge of public and private sector approval processes, and the processes of local government. Cameron has focused his energies on the field of project management: particularly on complex services oriented projects, with excellent communication skills and great enthusiasm for his client’s vision.

Darren is experienced in project and general management, including: CEO of a mid-tier construction business, state Director of a project management consulting business, General Manager of a Development Management business and Operations Manager of a Project and Construction Management business. He has 30 years industry experience in the United Kingdom, SE Asia and Australia in project management, development management and construction. His experience includes the management of all facets of projects, including: project processes and systems, procurement strategy and implementation, project management, financial management, design management, contract and risk management, and stakeholder communication. Darren has extensive site based and executive management experience. Ability to make commitments to achieve deadlines and meet client and business expectations by working either autonomously or collaboratively as required. He is experienced in numerous sectors of the construction industry, including: retail development, residential, land development, commercial development and refurbishments, public sector projects, hotels and resorts, leisure facilities and aged care. He is a successful team leader and has relationship building skills allayed with demonstrated high levels of communication and analytical skills as well as the ability to think and plan strategically at both project and business.

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