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V&V Walsh Abattoir Expansion

Woolworths Limited

2009 – 2011


Our Role
Project Manager and Superintendent

The expansion of the V&V Walsh Abattoir in Bunbury (200km south of Perth) was an extremely complex and challenging project that required a high degree of forward planning, staging and temporary works to complete successfully.

The project included the creation of new meat production facilities and expanded chilled warehouse capacity including dry goods storage, office space, new toilets, lunchrooms and 284 carbays. In total the FECA increased by approximately 6,000m2, 80% of which is refrigerated to 10 degrees or less with ceiling heights varying between 4m and 10m in height.

There were many challenging aspects to the project, including transitioning the site from an LV power supply to an HV supply, complex refrigeration plant upgrades and fire system upgrades all whilst maintaining 100% operability. The most challenging aspect however was to resolve how to fire separate the new buildings from the existing without splitting the new from the old by 18m or more (BCA code compliance issue for large isolated buildings) or rolling out an expensive upgrade of the wet and dry fire systems to the existing facility which is more than 80 years old. We successfully addressed this issue by building a 15m high fire wall between the new and existing facilities in an extremely confined and difficult construction environment, whilst maintaining the “cold chain” between the abattoir and new production and warehouse facilities. We provided the original concept idea to resolve this matter and then managed and championed the outcome through design, construction and ultimately certification by the local Fire Brigade and the City of Bunbury for occupancy.

The project included some optimistic milestones as well as tight budget constraints. The leadership shown by you, the quality of your advice, counsel and direction have all critically contributed to the achievement of the milestones we set ourselves. There is no doubt in my mind, that few if any project managers would have achieved the same outcome.

Ian Giblett, Construction Manager – National Corporate Property, Woolworths Ltd